Robert Glover  



The above outdoor/indoor sculpture is made of refractory clay, fired to cone 06.  "Venus in Taurus" was completed in 2008 and stands  44 inches high, The armature consists of a central iron rod welded to a black iron base plate.  The title is in reference to an astrological configuration  on Glover's natal chart other than that, this is no significant meaning. 





Since 2006, Glover  has been working at Silica Studios in Palm Springs, California. Using earthenware sculpture clays, the sculptural forms are constructed by slab, coil and pinch techniques.  The surfaces are sometimes embellished with a variety of  sprayed and splattered underglazes, layered with detailed brush designs of terra sigillata and burnished with a river stone achieving a smooth satin finish.  Within the past few decades, two directions are simultaneously being pursued.  Firstly, the "orbs" or cocoon-like forms draw attention to its hollow interior, by placing a small  ceramic ball(s) inside to creating a rolling sound.  Secondly, the tall  totems or "monopeds" are about balancing on point, as the dancer, or quill poised to make base notations and test both visual balance and gravity. While this may seem an intellectual approach to creating sculpture , it is more important that intuitive thoughts prevail.



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