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Glover studied ceramics with Anthony H, Ivins, and painting with Doug McClellan   at Chaffey College in 1954-6.  From 1956-1960 he studied with  Peter Voulkos and Helen Richter Watson  at the Los Angeles County Art Institute, where he received his MFA in 1960, (now Otis College of Art and Design).

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Glover retired after 39 years of teaching and as Full Professor at the Otis College of Art and Design in 2001.  He briefly returned to teach a Color and Design course for the Spring of 2002...that makes it 40 years of teaching and loving the entire experience!



Selected Solo Exhibitions

2008  An exhibition of ceramic sculptural work was shown January 3, 2008 at Edenhurst Gallery on El Paseo in Palm Desert. 

Website:  or

LA Artcore center 
(Survey of ceramic sculpture and vessel forms from 1977 to 1999)
Los Angeles, CA 

1987 & 1989 
Space Gallery 
(Ceramic Sculptures).  Director: Edward Den Lau
os Angeles, CA 

Space Gallery 
(Ceramic Sculptures and Vessel Forms) .
os Angeles, CA 

Rex W. Wignall Museum Gallery
  Alta Loma, CA 
(Three large scale ceramic sculptures "Inside/Outside")

Janus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (Gouache Paintings and Ceramic Sculpture)



Since April 2006 to the present time, Glover has continued his ceramic work at Silica Studios in Palm Springs, CA. Noting special gratitude to owners, Daric Harvie, Tim McMullen, and Dona Vanden Heuvel. He is grateful to them for creating a stimulating environment for ceramic craftspersons and artists!  Silica Studios is a fully equiped ceramic facility located at 752 S. Williams Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92264  Phone:760-325-7007. SILICA STUDIOS  Also, he would like to extend his gratitude to Ms. Bea Keats, who introduced Mr. Glover to ceramics in the Coachella Valley, College of the Desert and to Silica Studios of Palm Springs, CA.





1960            MFA Degree 1960-Los Angeles County Art Institute (Otis)
1956-1960    Los Angeles County Art Institute-BFA/MFA Studies-Los Angeles, CA
1957            Chouinard Art Institute - Los Angeles, CA
1954-1956    Chaffey Junior College - AA Degree 1956 - Ontario, CA


1997-2002   Otis College of Art and Design, Goldsmith Campus, Westchester, CA      Full Professor.

1991-1996   Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA. Full-Time Instructor: Color and Design, Fine Arts (Ceramics).  Otis became independent 7/1/91

1985-1991   Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles, CA.  Full-time Instructor. Foundation: Color and Design

1984-1985   Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design. Los Angeles, CA. Part-time Instructor. Foundation.

1985-1991   Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design. Los Angeles, CA. Full-time Instructor:  Ceramics (Beginning Graduate Studies. Fine Arts Department: Sculpture.  Foundation Department:  Form and Space/Color and Design/Drawing and Composition.  (Otis merged with Parsons 7/1/79)

1969-1979  Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County.  Los Angeles, CA. Assistant Professor:  Design, Intermedia, Ceramics and General Studies.

1970          California State University Los Angeles.   Assistant Professor:  Surface Design/Copper Enamel   Design and Ceramic Sculpture.

1962-1969   Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County.  Los Angeles, CA.  Instructor: Ceramics and Design (Two and Three Dimensional Design).


1996-1997   Co-Chair Academic Assembly, Otis College of Art and Design. Los Angeles/Westchester, CA

1981           Acting Chairman of Fine Arts.  Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design.  Los Angeles, CA  Organization of Curriculum Goals/Fine Arts.  (Copies available).

1977-1978   President, Otis Art Institute Faculty Association (OAIFA).  Los Angeles, CA  (Founding members of the Otis/Parson merger.)  (Position Paper copies available).

1973           Acting Chairman of Ceramics.  Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County.  Los Angles, CA.


  Video documentation produced by Kathleen Garfield, December 2011 (currently in production)

  Video documentation for Otis College of Art and Design.  April 3, 2012 (currently in production)

  Common Ground living guests artist at AMOCA March 13, 2011

  Guest Lecture Ceramics / El Camino College Art Gallery  (1995)
  Visiting Artist: California University at Los Angeles.
  Ceramics:  Honolulu Academy of Arts.  Honolulu, HI.
  Guest Juror/Visiting Artist: Raku Ho'olaule'a.  Honolulu, HI
  Los Angeles Academy Performing Arts.
  California School of Arts and Crafts.  Oakland, CA
  California High School Art Educators.
  Ventura Ceramics Society.
  Municipal Art Gallery.
  UC Santa Cruz.
  Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA.
  Chaffey Junior College, Alta Loma, CA
  California University at Bakersfield.
  Space Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  Professional Practices: Otis Foundation studio visit and lecture (Yearly)


1985    Ceramic Mural Designer/Fine Arts Clay (Turpin/Whitebook).Los Angeles, CA

1976-1978 Fabric Designer/Chancellor-Randolph.  Los Angeles, CA
Fabric Designer/Helica.  Los Angeles, CA.  Fabric Designer/Ibis-Sydney Cobb Designs-Roland Shirts.  Los Angeles, CA

1972   Design Consultant/Interpace (Ceramic Mural Division).  Los Angeles, CA

1961-1962   Designer/Millard Sheets Design Inc. Claremont, CA  (Buffum's Tea Room Mural/Pomona, CA).  Designer/Millard Sheets Design Inc.  Claremont, CA  (Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, Los Angeles, CA

1960-1961  Designer/Arthur Ames.  Claremont, CA (May Company Mission Valley/La Mesa, CA).  Murals.  Interior Draftsman/Design Consultant General Fireproofing Studios/Los Angeles,  CA.  Draftsman/Sun Ray Co. (Architectural rendering). Los Angeles, CA

1960-1961    Art Director/Clokey Film Studios (Gumby, David and Goliath Films).  Covina, CA


1999    Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award (Otis)
1978    Ford Foundation/Otis Art Institute Faculty Enrichment.
1968    Purchase Award, "Otis Art Institute Alumni Exhibit", Otis Art Institute, LosAngeles, CA
1956-1960  Scholarship Award to the Los Angeles County Art Institute (Otis), Los Angeles, CA  (MFA)

MEMBERSHIP Current and Past:

American Crafts Council.  Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Museum of    Contemporary Art.  Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.  International Sculpture.

Silica Studios. Palm Springs Art Museum.




1999    L.A. Artcore Center, "Robert Glover: A Survey of Work  1977-1999", Los Angeles, CA

1989    Space Gallery, "Robert Glover: Concretus Series [Ceramic Sculpture]", Los Angeles,  CA.

1987    Space Gallery, "Robert Glover: Fasciatus Series [Ceramic Sculpture]", Los Angeles, CA.

1985    Space Gallery, "Robert Glover: Ceramic Sculpture", Los Angeles, CA

1984    Rex W. Wignall Museum/Gallery , "Robert Glover: Outside/Inside", Ceramic Sculpture.  Alta Loma,  CA

1976   Janus Gallery, "Robert Glover: Recent Works".  Painting and Ceramic Sculpture.  Los Angeles, CA.


2008  "Profilo" Edenhurst Gallery on El Paseo in Palm Desert. 

2008 "Reclaiming Otis: Inter-Genertation" October 3-5, 2008 Curated by Renee  A. Fox, Kate Harding and Jenee Misraje

2008 "Space Gallery from 12.1975 to 08.1995" W.Keith and Janet Kellog University Gallery California State Polytechnic, Pomona, CA 9/14 to 10/18, 2008. Curated by     Patrick Merrill.

2008 "Profilo"  Robert Glover.  Sculpture and vessel forms.  Edenhurst Gallery. Palm Desert, CA  January 14 - February 15. 2008

1998 "International Contemporary Ceramics": From the Igal and Diane Silber Collection, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna, CA. Mar. 28-Aug. 1998

1997 "International Exhibition", Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Kitakyushu, Japan. Curated by Yoshio   Ikezaki. Nov. 1997

1995 "4 Paths in Clay, El Camino College Art Gallery, Torrance, CA, Oct. 9 - Nov. 3,  "One Vision", SPACE Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, June 25-July 29, 1995

1994 "Clay Forms", SPACE Gallery, Los Angeles, CA December 10-January 14,1995

1992 "Basically: Black and White", Riverside Art Center Museum, March 21-April    28, 1992

1991   Arizona State University, "Jansen-Johns Collection", April 1991

1989   Mt. St. Mary's College, "Clay III", exhibited "Concretus-Antevessel", series of 8 forms, 09/25/89.  Space Gallery, "Clay", Five sculptures of 1977-8 series, and photos of site   specific applications.  July 8-August 12.  Los Angeles, CA.

1988   Space Gallery, "The Art of Function", Wall sculpture: Featherstone w/glass, "Homilia". Los Angeles,CA

1987   SPACE" A Survey of Objects", curated by Edward Den Lau.  Space Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. "Natural Sources":  Group Exhibition curated by Edward Den Lau and Lawrence Gipe. Angels Gate Cultural Center.  San Pedro, CA   "Diamond Jubilee/Alumni Artists".  Rex W. Wignall Museum/Gallery.  Chaffey Community College, Alta Loma. CA  (Ceramic sculpture/painting)

1986   "Sculptural Forms": Robert Glover.  Showcase Gallery (Solo)  Cerritos College. Norwalk, CA.  "Outside (Inside)" Canole, Glover, Kunishima, Lau.  SPACE Gallery.  Los Angeles, CA.

1985   "Shades of Gray", SPACE Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1984    "Clay: Garber, Glasgow, Glover, Kibler, Lapin, Phillips".  The Art Store.  Los Angeles, CA.

1982    "Dualism:Bengston,Glover,Price,Sweet,Yokoi,Wudl, and Woelffer".  Otis/Parsons  Exhibition Center. Los Angeles, CA.

1979   "Robert Glover/Randy Sandel:Ceramic Sculpture/Painting". North Gallery: Municipal Gallery.  Los   Angeles, CA. "Thanatopsis/Contemplations on Death",  SPACE  Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

1978    "Conwill, Glover, and Hobson".  SPACE Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

1977    "Ceramics Invitational".   Riverside Art Center Museum.  Riverside, CA.

1973   "Sculpture Invitational".   San Diego Museum of Art.  San Diego, CA.

1971    "Design 11".  Pasadena Art Museum.  Pasadena, CA

1966   "Art in Embassies".  United States Embassies. American HandGallery, Washington, D.C.

1964    "Annual Sculpture Exhibition. Laguna Beach Art Museum. Laguna Beach, CA.

1961    "Paintings: Group Exhibition".  La Jolla Art Center Museum, La Jolla, CA.

1960   "Ceramics National". Everson Museum of Fine Arts. Syracuse, NY.
            "Designer/Craftsman". Los Angeles County Museum.  Los Angeles, CA.

1957   "Drawing Exhibition" San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts. San Francisco, CA


1997 Los Angeles International Art Festival 1997, Los Angeles, CA  Dec. 3-29, 1997  LA ArtCore/TransAmerica

1995 "One Vision" - Closing Exhibition 1975 - 1995, SPACE Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  Jun/Jul 1995

1980 Courtesy of Space Gallery-"Collectors Presentation", Los Angeles, CA December 1980-January 1981"Ceramics Invitational", Golden West College Fine Arts Gallery, Huntington Beach, CA.  "Ceramics Invitational", Roberts Gallery, Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA

1979 "Otis/Parsons Faculty Exhibit", Parsons Exhibition Center, New York, NY

1970 Invitational "Ceramics", Santa Monica City College Art Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1968 "Otis Art Institute Alumni Exhibit", Otis Art Institute Gallery, Sculpture Purchase Award, Los  Angeles, CA

1966 "Painting", Laguna Beach Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA (Cash Award)

1965 Ceramics Invitational, "Containers", Otis Art Institute Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1964 "Barnsdall Annual Art Exhibit", Los Angeles, CA  Ceramics Sculpture
"Preview of Recent Ceramic Sculptures" courtesy of Comara Gallery, Los  Angeles, CA  "2nd Annual  Sculpture Exhibition", Laguna Beach Art Association, Laguna Beach, CA (Cash Award)

1963 "Lively Arts at Lang Gallery", Scripps College, Claremont, CA (Invitational)
 Invitational: The Downey Art Museum, Downey, CA  (Ceramics)

1962 "Solo: Robert Glover", Woodridge School Gallery, Pasadena, CA
         "Solo: Robert Glover", St. Mark's Episcopal Church Gallery, Altadena, CA
          Invitational: The Downey Art Museum, Downey, CA  (Ceramics)
          "Otis Faculty Exhibit", University Gallery, University of Arizona

1961 "Fine Arts Exhibit", National Orange Show, juried.  San Bernardino, CA
"Invitational", Mt. San Antonio College Art Gallery, Walnut, CA (Ceramic  panels)

1960 "Campbell, Glover, Van Brunt", College Art Gallery, San Diego State College, San Diego, CA   "Graduate Exhibition-MFA", Otis Art Institute Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (Paintings/Ceramics)  "Campbell, Glover, Van Brunt", Exhibition Center, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA  "California Artists Invitational", Chaffey Community Art Association, Ontario, CA   "Robert Glover: Solo", Ivory Tower Gallery, Santa Monica, CA   Agnes Fraser Gallery, Ceramic architectural panels, Los Angeles, CA

1959  "Campbell, Glover, Van Brunt", Pasadena City College Gallery, Pasadena, CA  (Paintings/Ceramics)  "Newport Harbor Annual", Newport Harbor Museum, Newport Harbor, CA (juried painting)   La Jolla Art Center - Juried Exhibition, La Jolla, CA  (ceramic panel)  "Robert Glover" Paintings- Invitational Chaffey Community Art Association, Ontario, CA   "California Artists" (Award) Painting, Fine Arts Division of the California State Fair,Sacramento, CA

1956 "College Competition and Scholastic Award" 1st Award Ceramics, Chaffey Junior College, Ontario, CA


2008  "Space Gallery: A Tribute Survey" by Judith Hooberg. September 2008 ArtScene

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"Common Ground: Ceramics in Southern California 1945-1975", American Museum of Ceramic Art ( AMOCA), Pomona, California... In conjunction with Pacific Standard Time, an initiative of the Getty with arts institutions across Southern California. November 11,2011-March 31, 2012.  Photo and text.

Catalog, L.A Artcore.  Robert Glover: A Survey of Work.  19 pages, (8 pages or color,6 pages of black and white.  Essay by Collette Chattopadhyay. Poetry by Mac McCloud.  October 1999 Catalog, International Contemporary Ceramics, Laguna Art Museum. Page 37.
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                 Scottish Rite Masonic Temple/Los Angeles, CA
                  First Bank of Los Angeles/ Los Angeles, CA
                  Fluor Corporation/ Irvine, CA
                  The Lewitzky Dance Foundation/ Los Angeles, CA
                  Otis Art Institute/Los Angeles County, CA
                  Pyramid Properties, Los Angeles, CA
                  Security Pacific Bank of California/ Los Angeles, CA
                  San Antonio Community Hospital, Upland, CA
                  Jarupa Hills Country Club, Jarupa Hills, CA
                  Turpin/Whitebook - Westlake Village, CA
                  Interpace Los Angeles, CA
                  Southern California Container Corp./Los Angeles, CA
                  First Federal Savings and Loan/ Pasadena, CA
                  St. Marks Episcopal Church/Downey, CA



                            Everson Museum of Fine Arts/Syracuse, NY
                            Oakland Museum of Art/Oakland, CA


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